Thank you for visiting my Dream Journal. I don't always remember my dreams, so there are days missing, but when I can remember, the first thing I do when I wake up is to come here and write them in this journal. There are some interesting themes that run in my dreams, which you will notice if you read them regularly... for example, why do I always dream of trains, sharks, and dinosaurs?

I've written a little mini-essay on how to remember your dreams. If you are interested, you can read it here.

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~ Friday, January 6th, 2012
 10:09 am

Prison/Theme Park

OpalCat Dreams [userpic]
There was a part of my dream at the beginning that took place at a hotel with a friend of mine but I don't remember anything else about it. Then Rob picked up Dominic and me and we were going to this Sponge Bob themed park type place for the day, but Rob had to do something (for work I think) first, and so Dominic and I got dropped off at this prison facility to wait for Rob. We were in the main "hang out" area of the prison, which wasn't very big. There were a lot of prisoners and a few guards, but everyone was in street clothes, even the guards, so you didn't know which was which, which made it very uncomfortable.

I was wearing my Z-coil sandals at the beginning, but for some reason I changed to some flats. I don't remember what I did with the Z-coils. There were a lot of strange conversations and so on that I don't remember, but then Rob showed back up and we were going to leave, but I couldn't find one of my Z-coils... the left one was missing. Also, the left one of my flats was missing. Rob for some reason had a left-footed pastel blue pump with him and I put that on but it was way too big and there was like an inch of space behind my heel.

Then I looked down into the metal toilet that was in the middle of the room (out in the open) and saw that there was a big poop in there, as well as several shoes. I didn't see either of my missing shoes, but I wasn't about to go dig around and look for them, either.

We left there and went to go to the Sponge Bob place, and then I woke up.